Knowing the Plague 1352ad


Symptoms of the Plague

Bubonic, Septic & Pnemonic


Abdominal Pain, diarrhoea, nausea and vomitting, fever and chills, extreme weekness, bleeding (possibly not clotting), shock, skin turning black, gangreen, headaches, muscle pain, seizeirs , swolen lynf glands, breathing trouble, chest pains, cough, blood in spit.

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What to do if you think you have the plague!


1. Tell your doctor what symtoms you have. 2. Make a list of people youve had close contact with. 3. Be prepared to tell your doctor where you have been recently.

4. Replace all your clothes. 5. Cover your mouth to stop the spread. 


Some cures to try... 

1. Cooked onions, 2. Ten year old treacle, 3. Arsenic, 4. Crushed emeralds, 5. sitting in the sewers!! 6. Sitting in a room with 2 enormous fires either side.

7. Fumigating your house with herbs.




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Fever and chills, weakness, headaches, muscle pain, sezuires, swollen lynph glands




Abdominal pain, dirrohoea, nausea and vommiting, fever and chills, extreme weakness, bleeding, shock, skin turning black.




Trouble breathing, chest pain, cough, blood sputum.



Some cures to try!!

Streptomycis, Gentamicin, Doxycyline, Cilrfloxacism.


What to do if you suspect you have the plague.


1. Tell your doctor within the first 24 hours, 2. make a list of people youve been in contact with, 3. tell the doctor your symtoms 4. be prepared to tell the doctor where you have been.