Josh pike.. a name that will live with me forever...

a maverick and a beautiful soul. 

I drink coffee, a lot of coffee and when a new coffee house was recommended to me of course I did the obvious. walking in I was met with a smile and a welcome of the nice unusual kind, a warmth that immediately broke down any first hello barriers. - josh aired a calmness and joy of someone who's soul was completely at peace. 

I wasn't wrong, - fast forward 8 months and I'm photographing him and his beautiful wife Beth' wedding on the gower peninsula surrounded by 250 of their closest friends and family.

This period of time has changed who I am - so i would like to openly say. 

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Dear Josh & Beth,

Well where to begin, so many words to say.

To be able to deliver these photographs to you is the highest respect I can bestow on you both, in gratitude for inviting me to document your day.

To say it was perfect in every way would be an understatement entirely, from the styling to the dress but most of all to the welcome I received from every last single person included.

Your friends and family are the highest testament to you as people and as a couple. It has truly been my honour and privilege, thank you from the bottom of my soul. Thank you.

I sincerely hope you love every single image, and more so I will cherish the day our friendship was forged as a result of your wedding.

All my love Craig xx