Yesterday, finally the suspense was over... I am very sorry to admit that I had started to wonder whether the dream-like state that the monumental effort it took for you to drive non-stop through the night to make it to our wedding, had resulted in a sub-standard portfolio of images... Could I really be that un-photogenic that it would take so long to edit my photos... 

However, yesterday evening I had the immense pleasure of reliving the emotion, anticipation, elation and amusement of the day through the eyes of my guests, through the eyes of a genius. Having followed your Instagram feed, to someone who loves a quote, here’s one for you: “Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see”. 

You are a genius. 

Craig, you have managed to capture the beauty of moments that were very personal to me, your photos evoke so many of the specific emotions from the day that I felt. They take me back to this incredible moment that I have been desperate to capture, remember, stash away and preserve in my thoughts forever. To see Sam walk out from the chateau in that dress... To hear the beautiful words of my cousin in the intimate ceremony... To feel the whole party hanging on my speech... To totally lose myself in the love of everyone around me, completely fit to burst out of the happiness I felt for the futures to come with my new (and totally stunning) wife...

craig george wedding photographer swansea1.jpg

Aside of the enormous collective beard-envy from my mates, it is perhaps the biggest compliment to say that you weren’t really noticed, this wasn’t an in-your-face-oh-god-there-is-the-camera-put-on-a-smile experience. The results are stunning. Somehow you went about your business in the shadows, while at the same time absorbing the emotion that everyone was feeling around you – I kind of wish my whole life was documented like this, given I have an infamously patchy memory whenever booze has been involved, the blur of my twenties... Countless people have commented what a great guy the photographer was, how great it was to meet you, and I am sorry that I didn’t get the opportunity to give you a ‘thank you’ on the scale of which you deserved on the day, now with the benefit of hindsight, having had the chance to re-live it all through the gift of your shutter. I very much hope our paths cross in the future so that I can begin to try to. 

No doubt Sammy will want to meet up and give you a massive hug, to let you know how grateful she is for being lucky to be able to remember our day in this way for ever more. But on a personal note I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am, as someone that dared question the cost of locking you in as our photographer, as someone who hates a “cheesy wedding shoot”. It was the best decision we could have made. 

Please do look us up if you have any spare time in your ridiculous schedule and happen to find yourself in London. Perhaps when wedding season is over.

Thank you, really. 



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