See the bride look at you with venerable hope!

It's 4am
having photographed my last full French wedding yesterday I'm unable to sleep out of sheer pain - my body is broken and a physiotherapist session is very much needed. 

I've put everything I have emotionally and physically into this incredible season. 

I've been sat on many an aeroplane wondering why I do it, why the 5am starts on "travel days", the constant tiredness upon waking up, the editing on the road to provide a satisfactory turn around time for beautifully understanding couples. 

'you see' no matter how many times you've met with your couples before their wedding it's only when you arrive in the morning, and make that first eye contact with the bride that you get to see her look at you with vulnerable hope! 

She knows, you know, the day is planted at your feet to do an amazing job of covering the day in a way that will re create the emotion she's feeling right then and there. 

They're not fatigued, they haven't seen 65 weddings this year... It's their first one, their only one! 

When I see that emotion in them, that first hello! It never ever fails to inspire me.
That's it. 

For the next 12 hours or so, nothing else exists. 

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I'm heading up to Paris now, to photography 2 beautiful couples and then heading home to see my little girl because I miss her terribly. X