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Anna & Simon,

A beautiful autumnal colour, wedding flower headbands and long walks in the woods wearing a wedding dress! Both a traditional and alternative wedding mix. Beautiful church followed by the most intimate of marquees. 

Edinburgh Elopement

Dearest Craig, 

Words cannot express our gratitude for these! The photos are stunning, but most importantly they really captured the essence of the ceremony spot we chose and the country we were in. Each photo manages to convey so much emotion not only from us but from the landscape around us. I know you will do amazing things in this lifetime with your unique talent, and I am just happy to always be able to look back at these photos and remember, not just the love we felt that day, but the people who made that day spectacular. The wonderful thing about such a small wedding is that you will forever have a part in that wonderful day in our lives. Please never forget you are always welcome in our home and hearts. I am proud to hold a small step in what I know will be an amazing journey of your career and work. May your passion always and forever meet your talent!

Anna Marie x

Thank you to Emma at Timeless White wedding planning x

A paris Love Story - 1962 film camera.


Thank you so much for watching, it means so much...


Ashley & Francesca Banjo


Ashley Banjo & Francesca got married in London on 4th July 2015, Obviously, it was a huge honor to be asked to cover the wedding of such a creative couple. 

Married in a small church in Essex, followed by a beautifully designed and staged setting in the flower gardens on the embankment. 

A pure emphasis on family and close friends made the perfect start to married life, real family values. 

Planner - Suzanne James, caterers of distinction London.

Ashley banjo wedding craig george wedding photographer london
ashey banjo wedding ceremony london craig george wedding photography london
Ashley Banjo marry's Francesca Dutton craig george wedding photographer london


kind words -

"Hey Craig, so good to hear from you, man. Francesca and I are currently in the middle of writing you a thank you letter, but here's a quick summary.. you were the perfect choice for us! Your calm and collected persona, your extremely artistic eye, your experience and intuition for that 'perfect moment' and not to mention the beard and tats.. lol. Honestly from the beginning until the end you were unbelievable Craig. The pictures speak for themselves. you captured the most magical day of our lives flawlessly. Those pictures will keep the memories fresh for the rest of our lives. thank you doesn't cover it... much love"

Ashley & Francesca


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Rebecca & David


Rebecca & David are from Toronto Canada, David has a loose family connection with Scotland, what better a reason to invite twenty-five of your closest family and friends over to the Mansion Hill of Tarvit, Aberdeen to celebrate your wedding Day.

Planner -  Timeless White

Personal Stylist - Jo Riegate

Flower Crown - Sophie&Luna

Craig george wedding photographer paris bridal preparations


some kind words from the bride and groom - 

David - "Craig from what we've seen your work is truly the best we've ever seen. You should have seen how proud Rebecca was showing everyone the photos so far you've posted. Each time her head got bigger and bigger but rightfully so haha. The way you captured her beauty is beyond words. I can't thank you enough for getting you to come out that day to the Hill of Tarvit and photograph the best day of our lives. We're so excited to see all the photos you took and share them with as many people willing to look. I look forward to following you and seeing the flawless photos you constantly take. Bravo sir. Bravo."

Rebecca - "David and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such an essential and magnificent part of our wedding day. I was so nervous before you came to the hotel, never having met you before, however, you instantly felt like a longtime friend. You made me feel so comfortable and at ease, even though I really do hate being the centre of attention. Not only are you a lovely person you are extremely talented at what you do. I can attest to the fact that you are the most talented wedding photographer I have ever stumbled across. I have been a part of many wedding parties and I have never met a photographer so professional yet who also integrates so well into the wedding day. Everyone that came to the wedding raved about how amazing you were. After seeing the photo’s honestly words cannot describe how thankful we are. They turned out absolutely amazing and we could not have asked for more beautiful pictures. We will cherish them forever. If David and I can help rate or recommend you in anyway please let us know as we would be honoured to do so. Keep up the amazing work and I can’t wait to see all your wonderful future weddings on insta J"

Could not be happier. x